What Hockey Leagues Besides NHL Can You Bet On?

The NHL, or the National Hockey League, is the most popular hockey league to bet on. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a betting parlor, or online with offers like the Mr Green bonus offer – fans can’t get enough of it. However, one has to wonder what other leagues are out there to quench our thirst for ice hockey. It is for them that we have made this list of hockey leagues, apart from the NHL, you can bet on.

The American Hockey League

Much like the NHL, the American Hockey League covers the US and Canada. It has been founded in 1936. It serves as a sort of primary developmental league for the NHL, meaning that there is a limited number of professional players in it, though all participants are either over 18 or not a part of any junior team.

A multitude of sites offers their odds for the events in the league. If gambling is not allowed in your state, you should probably steer clear, though it would appear that this league does not suffer the same limitations as the NCAA events.

The East Coast Hockey League

Another minor, or at least mid-level, hockey league that you can bet on is the ECHL, or the East Coast Hockey League. What makes it different from other leagues? Well, if you are a player, you need to report to either them or the AHL if you want to play in the NHL. Furthermore, there are two clubs in Canada and several of them scattered through the US, though, as the name implies, its primary focus is the East Coast.

The Southern Professional Hockey League

As this is a minor league, there are a few differences between the SPHL and the NHL. All players, apart from the goaltender, are required to wear a mouthpiece as a part of their protective gear. While in the NHL each team can have 6 members on ice, and 20 team members in total for a match, the SPHL has 18 players, two of which are goaltenders. There are very few limitations regarding the regulations of the stick used and the shootouts are performed by five players. It doesn’t have members in Canada.

The Federal Prospects Hockey League

Sometimes referred to as the Federal Hockey League, the FHL deals with teams from the midwestern, northeastern, and southern states. Like the SPHL, it is focused only on the teams in the US. It’s a young league, as it started in 2010. Ten teams compete in the league and the 2019 champions are the Carolina Thunderbirds. So, when you have a hankering for some action, you know which leagues to turn to.