Stanley Cup 2020 Favorites

The Stanley Cup or La Coupe Stanley has been around and awarded to the NFL playoff winners for more than 100 years, with the first Cup awarded to Montreal Hockey Club in 1893. The most wins were achieved by the Montreal Canadiens, while the most recent winner is the team of the St. Luis Blues. While hockey fans are eager to find out the next big Stanley Cup winner, punters already have their opinions placed in bets with numerous betting sites, like Hamabet. So, who is likely to win this year?

Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals have won their Stanley Cup in 2018 for the first time, beating the Vegas Golden Knights. The last time they got close was in 1998, when they lost against the Detroit Red Wings. Though this is their only Stanley Cup win so far, they have proven themselves to be top contenders for this year’s competition, despite the fact that they were eliminated in the first round on 2019 by the Carolina Hurricanes. The reason we believe you should watch out for the team this year is the fact that they are the second team to win four consecutive Metropolitan Division titles twice.

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Boston Bruins

We said that the Capitals were the second team to win four consecutive titles twice in the Metropolitan Division. The first team to do so was the Boston Bruins. They are going strong this season and have had their share of the Stanley Cup experience, having won the Cup six times in their history. They have almost won it another 14 times, with the victory snatched away from them by other teams. It would be hard to say whether the Bruins of the Capitals have a bigger chance of winning in 2020.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The team here appeared in the Stanley Cup finals twice, not only in their last twenty years, but their entire history. That being said, their win in 2004 may look too far away from some to consider them a threat, but they have proven themselves on ice repeatedly and are among the favorites. The online bookies are giving the team favorable odds, so that is one solid point to consider when choosing a prospective winner of the Cup. They were among the top contenders in September last year, so the fact that so many people are still putting their money on the team means we can expect some solid performance from them.

St. Louis Blues

There is really not much to say about the St. Luis Blues, other than the fact that they are the most recent winners and that there is no reason for them not to repeat the feat. After all, they have appeared in the finals of the Cup four more times. Though they have won only one Stanley Cup, as is the case with many other favorites, they have also acquired titles in 17 other competitions on more than one occasion. There may be other strong teams, but these four are currently at the top or the food chain.