Soccer Betting Odds Explained

Before you start chasing bonuses on sites such as, it’s always good to brush up on the knowledge of placing bets. Probability odds are the simple way to show the chances of some event happening. In soccer betting, you can bet on the first or second match, or you can bet that the match will end in a draw. So you visit your favorite bookmaker and place a bet, the odds are 1.25 and you wonder what that is. In reality, those are the chances of the event happening. Take a look at these examples of odds:

1.25 = 100/1.25 = 80%
1.90 = 100/1.90 = 52.63%

As you can see, 1.25 odds is actually 80% chance of the event happening. If the win has 1.25 odds, now you know what the chances are of your bet succeeding. If you want odds which pay out more, you will take more risky bets, such as the bet with odds of 1.90, as it is shown above, 1.90 odd is actually 52.63% of your bet working out. By using the formula above you can calculate any of your odds.

If you do your math right, 80% plus 52% will not equal to 100%, in fact, it is equal to 111% and some change. This is done by a bookmaker so they can actually make a profit on this match. Knowing how odds work will also allow you to know how much money your favorite bookmaker is actually making.

What Else is There?

If betting on the win, lose or tie is not really enough for you, there are a few more things you can bet on. These include half-time score, goal handicapping, prop bets, or whether or not the game will go to extra time and many other details of the game. There is really no shortage of the game stats you can bet on.

There are many bookmakers out there and these odds are different from one to the other. Now you can calculate what bookmaker has set the smaller profit to themselves and gives more to the players. By comparing betting odds you are making sure that your profit will be the biggest. You should pick a trusted bookmaker or a few of them and then compare their odds.

And now you are ready to enjoy watching your game, knowing that the odds are in your favor and the show can get started. At the time of writing, the World Cup is happening in Russia and every bookmaker is making record deals. You are welcome to participate and test your knowledge, the rewards will follow shortly. By learning ins and outs of soccer betting you will know many tips and tricks that will take you above the average person who bets on soccer regularly.

Don’t forget to research soccer betting every now and then to find out how bookmakers are balancing their odds so you can make use. Also, join some betting social networks and make use of the tips others are posting online. There are some very experienced betters who are having a lot of success so try using their tips in your betting.