Memorable Events that Changed the Sport of Hockey

Hockey is widely considered as the fastest sport on earth. The players are able to move at greater speeds on skates and the puck zooms around the rink at incredible speeds. But not everything had been as we know it today. Hockey came a long way and evolved into the shape and form we watch today.

Hockey needed to go through a few transformations and there are several events that made that possible. Today we check out some of the most important events in hockey history. But before you go any further be sure to check out the betmgm nj bonus code first. 

The Curved Stick

The curved stick that is recognizable for hockey today was not shaped that way in the beginning. In fact, it was an ordinary stick that the players had used. But some time during the 50s people started to realize that there is a much more efficient way of hitting the puck.

Namely, Stan Mikita of the Chicago Black Hawks and Andy Bathgate of New York Rangers were the first ones that came to this realization. By curving the stick they were able to shoot the puck in various unpredictable ways. The rest is, as they say, history.

The 1972 Summit Series

What makes every sport remarkable are the rivalries between teams. In this case, national teams! The rivalry between team Canada and team Russia is a long one and has been brewing for a long time. But there was no better game than the one during the 1972 Summit Series between these two powerhouses.

It was Canada that took home the victory with a late goal in the 19:26 mark of the last period of the game. Paul Henderson scored the puck heard around the world for the final score of 6-5 in favor of the Canadians.

The 2004-05 NHL Lockout

The 2004-2005 NHL season was completely canceled because of a lockout. But when it came back the next season, the game was better than ever. The changes that were made actually made the sport a lot faster and watchable. This made it interesting for the fans at home and allowed its popularity to spark.

During the 2005-06 season the red line was removed, many realized how to beat the neutral zone, and there were lees grabbing and checking. Ultimately, it made the game more modern and playable.

1980 Winter Olympic Games

During the 60s and the 70s the Soviet Union national hockey team was regarded as unbeatable. The only chink in their armor was the aforementioned loss in 1972 against Canada. Coming to the 1980 Winter Olympic Games the Russian team was a well-oiled machine that was predicted to not only win gold but also destroy every team in their path while doing so. They maneuvered as a group of soldiers as the team consisted of experienced pros and veterans that played together for a number of years.

But a shock came in the finals as the heroic US team managed to slip away with a victory. The feat is made even more remarkable when you realize that the US team comprised mainly of young college players. That night they played as a unit and were able to show that the Russian team does have weaknesses.