Go to the Game or Watch It at Home?

We all know that being an avid sports supporter is a lot of fun, but sometimes heading out to the stadium to cheer for your team can be pricey, and many fans decide to watch their favorite games at home or at a bar.

Some do this because they cannot afford it, but some just like to watch games from the comfort of their couch. However, we must agree that nothing compares to the thrill you get when being at the stadium, where all the action is taking place.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons for both situations, though, and then you can decide if it’s better to go to the game or watch it on TV.

Going to the game is the only option for die-hard fans, and their arguments include the high they get from the atmosphere and the energy of the crowd, the fact that they can enjoy some fresh air, the joy of being part of a 45,000-strong cheering crowd, the memories they make with their friends, and the fact that they can actually see their idols in person.

However, the most annoying thing that could stop you from going to a live match is the steep ticket price and your lack of money. Fans have to pay $85 on average on a football ticket during major sporting events, while a hockey ticket costs around $60. Add to this the parking cost, the money you have to spend on food and beverage and it’s easy to see why many stay at home or go to a bar.

Another point against going to the game is the long line you’ll have to stand in for food and toilets, and the even longer one when the match is over and you’re trying to get to the parking lot. Also, the lack of replay is a bummer for many, who consider they are able to see more from home and better judge every move.

The more budget-friendly option would be staying home to watch the game. And this can also be a pleasant experience if you surround yourself with your best friends, order some pizza, grab some beers and lay back on your couch.

Besides saving money, watching a game from home has other benefits, too. Like being able to take a bathroom break whenever you want without missing anything, as you can always pause the game and resume when you get back.

The major downside of watching sports at home is, for some people, the lack of a good visual and audio system to create the best experience.

Keep in mind, though, that in order for the TV experience to be a great one, even on a gigantic TV and with surround sound, it would be necessary for the stadium to be packed with fans, as this would make the match more exciting to watch.